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Blaque N' Kulture

What is Blaque N' Kulture?

Blaque N' Kulture is a cross-platform entertainment media brand that creates edutainment content, convention press coverage, celebrity interviews, podcasts and so much more! Blaque N' Kulture prioritizes creative and original content, amplifying the voices of those you may not typically hear or see within the sub-culture, and working alongside other creators of color. Along the way, BN'K has created a unique space on the internet dedicated to showcasing Black voices in nerd culture and educating those new to nerd culture about the various experiences within it.Blaque N' Kulture aims to inspire, educate and encourage others interested in nerd and otaku culture to get involved with the community; to learn and continue the fantastic cyclical transfer of new and exciting content from fans to creators.


BNK on Twitch!

5/22/2023 - 5/26/2023After months of preparation, Blaque N' kulture is finally jumping on to Twitch! There will be a week stream-a-thon on Twitch where every day for five days BNK will be on Twitch!

Oppai & Good Vibes @ Anime Festival of Orlando

6/16/2023 - 7/18/2023If you loved Oppai and Good Vibes at Holiday Matsuri 2022, then get ready for another party, this summer 2023!

MetroCon Boomin'!

7/14/2023 - 7/16/2023Not only is it my birthday weekend, but it's also Blaque N' Kulture's 1st time at a Tampa convention! More detail will drop soon!

Nerd & Otaku Culture Expert

What is nerd and otaku culture and what does it mean to be an expert on such things?

The idea of the classic nerd: the stereotypical outcast with glasses has far been outmoded. Just as society itself, nerds and the things we like have evolved and changed into a dedicated niche and sub-culture with our own languages, unique communities, and social structures. And while anyone can join and participate in the culture, it really can take several years of being involved and participating in various communities to understand the world of those who dub themselves nerds, geeks, or otakus.

Nerd and Otaku culture to be put simply is just the community and social interactions that take place and surround the media that people who claim the title of nerd or otaku typically share and exchange amongst themselves. Nerd culture, in particular, is the community that surrounds American or western media such as Marvel/DC comics, cartoons from Europe, the U.S., Latin America, and Canada, or other major entertainment and pop-culture coming from the western hemisphere of the world. Otaku culture (as seen by the U.S.) is the community surrounding Japanese anime and manga and the culture swapping that ensues because of that.In more recent years, otaku culture has now has expanded to include eastern media from other countries such as South Korea and China, now introducing things like Korean pop, just known as K-pop, as well as manhwa and manhua; the Chinese and Korean equivalent to Japanese manga.

With all that being said, nerds probably now feel like an exclusive club where you have to pass some sort of understanding test just to break in, and that is absolutely not the case. A nerd is anyone who has a specialized interest in a specific topic. So that means if you are really into or know a lot about comics, video games, eastern media such as anime, manga, K-pop or k-dramas, cartoons, really whatever you really love, you're already a nerd right along with the rest of us. Even if you're are brand new to these concepts, if you have a love for nerdy things, you're already a part of the community!Furthermore, everything I've gone over and more, is why I am a nerd and otaku culture, expert. It's not just my extensive knowledge of the communities, the people, or the media we consume, but it's my love for everything we are. I am deeply passionate about nerd and otaku culture, and I have a desire to share and explore this community with anyone who wants in.

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Blaque N' Kulture wants to work with you! Want to collaborate on a creative project or recruit me for your next nerd-related event? Use the contact sheet to the right and let's get in touch!If you're looking to get in touch with me to assist with your comic book use the buttons below!